How to Check In

You can retrieve your PIN by having it sent to your device via text message (SMS). Just click on the link below the login button and enter your smartphone number. You should receive your PIN within a few minutes.

I keep receiving text messages telling me to check in. What is this?

If you do not respond to a check in request promptly, the system will send you reminder messages. If you respond quickly to all requests, no additional alerts or reminders are generated.

How can I see my performance on Guardian?

The application STATUS view displays a summary of your performance since activation on Guardian.  The performance numbers provided only apply to your current activated program.

I’m going on vacation. Can I use Guardian in another country?

Guardian will work anywhere as long as you have a data connection.  It is recommended you use WiFi where possible, so that you won’t incur any data roaming charges.  Guardian is not responsible for any data usage or carrier fees using your device abroad.  Contact your carrier directly for questions.

I lost my smartphone reception while checking in. What should I do now?

The application displays the amount of time that has elapsed since the check in request has been sent. If the check in request expires, the application displays a message. It is recommended you complete a voluntary check in if you miss a check in, so that you can report your location and verify your identification.

How long do I have to complete my check in?

How long do I have to complete my check in?

I can’t hear my phone beeping. What should I do now?

Verify your phone audio settings are set to maximum so you won’t miss a check in request. Also make sure your phone notification settings are set to Audio On and check to make sure the volume settings are high enough.

I’m traveling out of town. What should I do now?

Make sure to take your smartphone with you at all times. Check in requests are scheduled randomly and can occur at any time depending on the configuration set by your case manager. Contact your case manager for questions regarding frequency and timing.

I missed a check in request. What should I do now?

The application check in view displays the last action that occurred. If you missed your last check in it will be noted on the bottom of the check in view. If you missed your check you can complete an optional check in by tapping the button labelled “Voluntary Check In.” The process to complete a voluntary check in, is the same as all check ins.

I just received a check in request. What do I do now?

After receiving a check in request, click OK and tap the yellow Check In button.  You must hold the device correctly to position your face inside the alignment marks provided. Then click Record and read aloud the 6 random numbers displayed under the camera viewfinder. You have 10 seconds to complete the audio recording.  Once completed, you can submit your check in or go back and re-record the check in.  Once submitted successfully, the check in view will display a Success message.