Monitoring Evolved

Telmate Guardian is a technically advanced, low-cost smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution for “community corrections” including pre-trial, work release, probation and parole. Guardian requires no new hardware for case manager or enrollee, and features innovative face and voice detection technology.

Guardian aims to offer a discreet and familiar mobile app solution that support a positive, independent and effective re-entry.

Enrollee Benefits

Once individuals sign up for Guardian, these enrollees will experience the following benefits:

  • More Modern & Discreet: A phone is far less embarrassing and limiting than an ankle monitor for public situations such as employment, school and church.
  • Works with Android & Apple Smartphones: For a vast majority of individuals, Guardian requires no new equipment and enables simple, painless check-ins.
  • Mobile is Familiar: Guardian provides the newest generation of enrollees a familiar, mobile monitoring solution including face and voice verified check-ins and notifications.
  • Documentation Support: If an enrollee feels that he/she has been unfairly penalized or targeted by their assigned agent, this system supports transparency with documentation and full audit trails.
  • Limited Bandwidth Requirements: Guardian requires only a small amount of data bandwidth so check-ins still work with most carriers even after the user’s monthly data allowance has been exceeded. Each check-in requires approximately 500kb of data bandwidth (0.5 mb), which means that under a maximum usage scenario (5 check-ins per day without the use of WiFi), the data requirements would be approximately 78 mb.