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Products and Solutions

All TelmateDevices are custom pieces of hardware designed in-house by our engineers specifically to integrate seamlessly with our unified software platform and to innovate inmate communications.


Our latest technology innovation that enhances facility security and control all while promoting inmate self-improvement and education.  Utilizing the latest in wireless security features the Telmate Tablet is quickly revolutionizing communications in the corrections industry.


All of our phones are designed specifically for correctional institutions and encased in high security, 14-gauge stainless steel. The armored keypads are constructed of heavy chrome metal and the handsets use armored cord with steel lanyards and heavy 14-gauge steel retainers. The phones contain no removable parts and are designed and installed in way that prevents safety hazards to users, and minimizes vandalism and destruction of property. Telmate uses the Quadrum Telecom 6Q2 and 7Q “Tough Guy” security phone models. Phones have a warranty of 12 months and Telmate will replace any broken phones, handsets or other phone equipment.

Telmate Stations

More than just a terminal for video visitation, our custom TelmateStations are actually windows to a comprehensive communications suite of products including email, wall posts, photo sharing, secure web surfing, commissary ordering, inmate grievances, education, account management and more.

Telmate Stations are made of heavy-duty stainless steel with rounded corners for safety, and an extra-tough full-color camera that can be adjusted for a range of user heights.  Telmate Stations are ADA Compliant, functional in a wide Temperature Range (-4º- 176º F), splash resistant and feature hardened touchscreens, and extra tough handsets. Telmate Stations are field serviceable to ensure that every major part can be serviced or replaced on location.

Telmate Kiosks

Automated Lobby Kiosks

Our lobby kiosk offers friends & family a convenient, accessible and localized option to add funds to any inmate account. When our kiosks are integrated with commissary systems, friends & family may also use them to deposit money into an inmate trust fund. Our automated kiosks decrease the time facility staff ordinarily spend accepting and processing payments from visitors, as well as expand payment options to include cash, credit and debit cards. Our fully-automated lobby kiosks are capable of relieving staff of a number of different administrative burdens including:

  • Visitation Scheduling
  • Inmate Trust Deposits
  • Restitution, Bond, & Bail Payments
  • Work Release
  • Rules/Information Distribution
  • Public Permit/License Payments
  • All of our lobby kiosks are all interconnected, so a family member near any Telmate kiosk nationwide is able to deposit cash for an inmate housed in any other facility with a Telmate solution.

Automated Booking Kiosks

Our fully customizable booking kiosks are an optional tool that allow facilities to save time and effort with the intake of new inmates. Some of the labor-saving tasks that are typically undertaken by our intake booking kiosk include:

  • Cash Intake. This capability helps eliminate staffing and accounting issues typically associated with counting cash and depositing/reconciling.
  • Rules and Regulations Display. Specific information about the institution can be displayed on the screen.
  • 20 Question Test. Following informational sessions about facility rules, a test can be displayed with a minimum pass/fail requirement.
  • Phone System Rules. Rules of the phone system can be displayed to educate the inmate of the 3-way call policy, call recording and monitoring policies, and other phone rules.
  • PIN and PAN Submission. PIN creation and personally allowed number (PAN) setup can be incorporated into the Intake Kiosk, as well as voice biometric authentication setup.
  • JMS/OMS Integration. The system can be integrated into the JMS/OMS and all associated information is loaded into the system.
  • Photo Taking Capability. A camera placed within the Kiosk is capable of taking a picture of the inmate while taking a test or being informed of the rules, providing verification.
  • Video Recording. The kiosk is capable of video recording the inmate while they take institutional tests. An electronic documentation process can be used to verify their acknowledgment of rules.

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