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Products and Solutions

At Telmate, we’re all about inmates getting out and staying out.

Telmate’s software provides inmates access to resources that can do everything from improve basic reading to teach new valuable job skills for the future. Our form builder allows facility staff, or others whom they grant access to, to create surveys, short quizzes to gauge progress, or even full-length tests.

Features and Benefits

  • Online Training Resources

    Telmate is constantly evaluating and adding new educational resources to the existing library of materials, and today that list includes:

    • Academic Skill Builder
    • Starfall – Learn to Read
    • CD-12 Foundation
    • Coursera
    • Khan Academy
    • Vocational and Adult Education
  • Live Video Training

    Using the same easy-to-use tools that make Telmate’s video visitation possible, therapists, counselors and teachers to speak face-to-face with inmates. Video allows for a more direct and personal style of teaching and allows the use of whiteboards, props and other pedagogic devices. Whether it’s job training or court-mandated anger management counseling, video visitation allows human training, discussion and evaluation without the threat inherent in inmate escorts and transportation. Videos may be reviewed and downloaded from any web browser by facility staff.

    Telmate provides a wide array of scheduling options that will work for anyone. Telmate’s calendar view allows friend’s and family members to view a month at a time, and immediately see any available times.

  • Residents Select Educational Material

    Residents may select from a wide range of educational materials including continuing education, skills training, and G.E.D resources.

  • Create, Assign & Evaluate Polls, Quizzes, and Exams from Any Browser

    Telmate’s form creation, response notification and submission review tools makes interactive surveys and tests easy. Measure the success of your programs and individual learning, or allow outside educators to create and access polls and test responses. Reply to submitted tests to communicate results and provide encouragement.

  • Religious Services & Addiction Counseling

    Our religious services feature offers videos & audio recordings for many popular religions, addiction recovery, and other positive self help programs. New services and programs are available each week through the Telmate inmate stations. A headphone jack allows inmates an alternative to listen without using the handset.

  • Games & Puzzles Designed to Maintain Mental Acuity

    Educational Games are an option that will keep your facility’s residents challenged with mentally stimulating non-violent educational games, including puzzle-solving and memory-building varieties.

  • Same Administration System

    Telmate only has one administration system, so when your staff wish to review any inmate activity, create polls and tests, view and respond to inmate submissions, or just send an encouraging note to an inmate, they can do so from the same Web-based administration system that they use to review phone calls, video visits and everything else that Telmate offers. If outside organizations conduct these functions for your facility, Telmate’s easy-to-use user management system makes creating limited-access accounts easy.

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