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Products and Solutions

Our suite of products designed specifically for facilities to maximize control and security, increase operating efficiencies, and solve crimes.

Telmate Command Center

Telmate  Command Center is the hub of the communications platform for facility staff. From any computer with a Web connection and authorization clearance, facility staff can login to Telmate Control and have total access to the management system with complete control of inmate communication and account management.

Telmate Verify

With Telmate Verify, our automated identity verification system, you’ll know exactly who’s interacting with whom. Easily match a name, face and identity to each person connecting with your residents. Telmate’s simple process requires those who wish to receive calls, deposit funds, leave a voicemail or schedule a video visit to first register their photo ID, address and phone number with your facility. So now, no matter what action they take, from cash deposit to phone call to visit, you’ll know exactly who’s interacting with whom, every time.

Telmate Investigator

Our system’s investigator toolkit is a powerful, technologically-advanced suite of tools that help law enforcement officials, district attorneys and detectives reduce crime, solve criminal cases and reduce court costs.  Telmate Investigate features a timeline tool that compile an inmate’s booking, financial, and communication history into a single sortable history, and “investigation trees” that combine live phone call, voicemail, and deposit information into a single interactive tool that displays a chart showing every associated person or phone number.

Telmate Investigator includes:

  • Predictive & Visualization Tools
  • Information Sharing
  • Security & Fraud Prevention
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Automated Alarms & Alerts
  • Mapping of Call Destinations
  • Secure & Safe, High Fidelity Call Recording
  • Web Based and Accessible Anywhere
  • Multi-Facility Management
  • Unsurpassed 3-Way Call Detection
  • High Profile Inmate Designation
  • Searchable Inmate Voicemail
  • Automated PINs and Voice Biometrics
  • Reporting

Telmate Reports

The Telmate system is easily audited, meaning facility staff and investigators can run custom reports on every aspect of inmate communications including calls, visits, deposits, relationships, billing and so much more. With Telmate Reports, system activity is just a click away ensuring staff and investigators are always in the know and in control.

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