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Customer Service and Installation

Telmate Customer Care

Telmate Customer Care is our inmate, friend & family customer service offering including live phone support for friends and family and custom support features for inmates.

  • Friends & Family Live Customer Service

    All friends & family inquiries are handled realtime by live customer service representatives.

  • Inmate Customer Service

    For Inmates, Telmate provides a secured voicemail system that allows them to report issues directly to customer service. Telmate representatives monitor all inmate voicemail requests and issues are resolved the same day they are reported, often within minutes of the voicemail message.

  • Instant Deposit Notification

    Inmates are instantly and automatically notified with a voicemail each time a deposit is made to their account. Inmates are also notified via voicemail when their prepaid account balances dip below a predefined threshold.

  • Same Day Credits

    For all valid inmate complaints, Telmate issues a credit for a free call to inmates or friends & family the same day they are reported.

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