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  • Video Visitation

    Increase security and control with video visitation.

  • Video Visitation

    More personal visits for inmates, more control for facilities.

  • Video Visitation

    Video visitation changes how and when families can connect.

Telmate’s video visitation offers both onsite video visits and video visits over the Internet via Web browser.

Telmate’s inmate video visitation provides a high quality, safe, convenient alternative to live onsite visits. With onsite video visitation, inmates can visit with their loved ones without ever leaving their pod, providing security for staff, and closing off a key avenue for contraband. Video-only communication ensures that facility staff see everything that the inmates sees, which means that an inmate can’t use their body to shield handsignals or written messages from wall mounted cameras.

Benefits of Video Visitation

  • Increase Safety & Security

    Relieve your staff of their most dangerous burden – inmate transport.

  • Eliminate Contraband

    By physically separating inmates from visitors, a key mechanism for importing contraband, such as drugs, weapons and SIM cards, is shut down.

  • Eliminate Hidden/Shielded Communication

    With Telmate, nothing can be communicated outside the camera’s field of view.

  • Legal Compliance

    Video visitation allows your facility to meet legislative requirements without decreasing security.

  • Face to Face Communication

    Allows inmates a chance to communicate face-to-face with their counselors, attorneys, religious leaders, and children.

  • Reviewable Anytime, Anywhere

    A single Web-based application allows staff to review inmate calls, video visits, set alarms, control access, and more from any Internet Web browser or smartphone.

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